Publishing a notebook

Published notebooks are a great way how to spread the word about notebooks. They have an article-like layout and can be easily shared with a link.

Deepnote allows you to publish your notebooks. A published notebook has a more readable layout and a table of contents. You will get a link to share your published notebook.

One notebook per project

Every project can have a single notebook published. Readers will not be able to explore other files or notebooks in the published layout.

A notebook is published if you turn on notebook Publishing in the Share tooltip while being focused on the notebook. The name of the notebook which is published is displayed in the Share tooltip.


A notebook will need to be republished in order to reflect the latest changes. Note that if you hit Republish, the notebook you are focused in will be published.

The URL stays the same when you republish content.

Public profile

You can showcase all of your published notebooks in your public profile and collect likes ♥️

Public profiles feature is currently in beta and only available to first adopters. Please, let us know if you're interested in building your own public profile.

Unlisted notebooks

When you publish a new notebook it is visible in your public profile and can be indexed by search engines (e.g. Google). You can unlist the notebook to hide it from your public profile and from search engines. Only people you share the link with can access the unlisted notebooks. To unlist the notebook, go to Share tooltip in your project and turn on the Unlist notebook setting.


  • Published notebooks can be cloned by other users. They will not clone your other files or information from the project, just the published notebook. You can disable this behavior by turning off the Allow duplication setting in Share tooltip.

  • You can unpublish a notebook at any time.