Sharing a project

How to share a project

Deepnote supports real-time collaboration and sharing your projects with different access rights.
In order to share a project, hover over the tooltip in top right corner.
You can directly turn on public sharing or open a modal with collaborators management
You can either invite individual collaborators with their email or you can share the project with a link.
  • Invite over email - The collaborators will receive an email with the link to the project. The invited project members will need to create an account on Deepnote, under the same email as the link was sent to. Otherwise you might run into the Not enough permissions page. If you get invited to a project, it will show up on your My projects page under the section Shared with me. You can select the permission levels for every invited member, more about how these work is described in the section below.
  • Share the project over a link - If you turn on link sharing, anyone who is given a link to your project will have access. Users who visit a project shared over a link are not required to be registered. The link sharing can be disabled at any time and you can also control the access levels (View, Execute, Edit) for the shared link. Link sharing is by default disabled.
Projects which are shared publicly (link sharing is on) are indexed by search engines such as Google and can appear in the search results

Access Levels

If you are sharing a project via a link or invite, you can set different access levels to the sharing
  • View - You can inspect everything in the project, but cannot edit content, change datasets or terminals, execute cells or manage the sharing settings.
  • Execute - Can execute code in addition to viewing. Execute permissions will not allow you to edit content, add connections, add terminals, change hardware or manage the sharing settings.
  • Edit - Edit settings allow you to anything except managing the sharing settings. This means that you will not be able to invite new members or turn on/off the link sharing.
  • Admin (invite over email only) - Admin settings allow you to do anything in the project except deleting the project.
  • Owner (only the project creator) - Owner has the same rights as the Admin, but can also delete the project.
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