Long-running jobs

Deepnote is designed to support most data analysis workflows, many of which include running long running tasks. As such, Deepnote does not interrupt running kernels on paid hardware.

More specifically, projects are descheduled when all of the following conditions are true:

  1. It has no user sessions - this means that you do not have Deepnote open and focused in your web-browser.

  2. It has no running running computation - this means that there is no notebook currently executing code

  3. There were no changes to the code for at least 15 minutes.

📖 Example: Bob is running a data analysis that takes 12 hours to complete. He starts the analysis and the closes Deepnote for the night. He comes back in the morning just before the analysis is complete and finds that his kernel with all his variables is still live. Bob does some ad-hoc exploration and then goes to lunch with the notebook idle. After he comes back, he can still see all his outputs, but the variables and all other runtime objects are gone as the above conditions were met and the notebook was descheduled.

Fair usage limits for projects running on free hardware:

  1. 24h limit – In addition to the conditions above, every project running on free hardware gets automatically descheduled after running continuously for 24 hours. Under extraordinary circumstances, we also reserve the right to deschedule the project earlier.

There are some exceptions to the rules above described in fair usage policy. After the notebook is de-scheduled, we still store the outputs of cells, but the variable states are gone.

Notebook size: Keep in mind that the maximum size of a notebook, together with outputs generated by long running cell executions, is 30MB.