Selecting hardware

Hardware Options

At this moment Deepnote does not support resources with GPU or connecting to your own cloud based resource (e.g. AWS, GCP). We are planning to enable these in the future.

Every project in Deepnote runs by default on a machine in the cloud. This means you don't need to worry about setting anything up. All hardware tiers have allowed connection to the internet and are able to execute long running tasks.

You can monitor your hardware usage by opening the Environment sidebar on the left.

Click "Change machine" to choose a different runtime for your project. There are several hardware tiers to chose from:

  • Basic – Intel Haswell 1vCPU, ~1.5GB RAM, No GPU

  • Pro – Intel Haswell 2vCPU, ~5GB RAM, No GPU

Please note that the amount of RAM is only approximate, we can't guarantee the exact amount.