Code intelligence
Long notebooks are often hard to read. Functions and variables are defined all around the place and it can be hard to remember what a variable 'x' stands for, or what are the parameters for that one Pandas function you just need.
Deepnote comes with code intelligence tools as you may know from offline programming IDE's to help you manage complex code. We show you function documentation, parameter names and help you navigate to the function definition so you can focus on the problem, not on the code.
Autocomplete As you type, we show you the functions and variable names you may want to use. If the suggestion box disappears, you can trigger it any time just by hitting 'Tab' key.
Function documentation and parameter names When you hover over a function, we show you its documentation, if it is provided by the module where the function comes from. While filling out function parameters, we show hints for parameter names and position so you know which parameter you're currently filling in. If suggestion disappears, you can trigger it again by hitting 'Shift+Tab'.
Go-to definitions Ever wondered where a function or a variable comes from? Just do Cmd+click (or Ctrl+Click) on function or a variable name and we will take you directly to it's definition. Also, when you hover over a symbol while pressing Cmd (or Ctrl), we will give you a preview of it's definition - if you just need a quick refresher!
Trouble-shooting If something goes wrong with code intelligence or you think it's not behaving correctly, try restarting your hardware. That should solve most of the common issues!
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