In Deepnote, you can work with others real-time, or asynchronously by using the comments feature.

Add a comment

To add a comment, click on any cell and click Add comment in the right sidebar. Type your comment and hit Post.

Edit or delete a comment

You can only edit or delete the comments you have created. Click on the comment and click Edit or Delete.

Resolve or unresolve a comment

When a discussion is finished, you can close a comment by clicking Resolve. You can resurface previously resolved comments by going to the Comments tab in the left sidebar. Switch the toggle Show resolved comments to see the full comments history and unresolve them.

Search comments

To search through all comments in a notebook, go to the Comments tab in the left sidebar. Clicking on a comment in this section will focus you on where it is in the project.

Set notifications

To receive email notifications when someone posts a comment, head to the Comments tab in the left sidebar. On the top, select which comments and threads in the project you want to receive notifications for (i.e., all comments / threads you are involved in / none).
Last modified 8mo ago