Package management

Let's be honest β€”Β python package management can be a real pain. Making sure you have the right libraries and correct versions installed is often a huge slowdown for collaborating on a data science project.

Deepnote is here to help. The integrated package manager keeps track of all the packages (and their versions!) you have installed and scans your code for any dependencies you might be missing – say goodbye to having to do all this manually via the terminal! Access it by clicking the status bar button at the top.

Installing packages through pip

If you install (or uninstall) a package thorough the !pip command in a notebook, we will remember this in a hidden file .deepnote/requirements.txt and install it every time your environment starts up.


If your project contains a requirements.txt file in the root of the filesystem, deepnote automatically installs those requirements when the hardware starts. If you manually edit the requirements.txt, you will need to open a terminal and run pip install -r requirements.txt