Deepnote lets you execute your notebooks on daily or weekly basis. To schedule a notebook, click on the schedule button in the top right corner of your notebook, and use the modal to setup the interval and notifications.
Scheduling options
If a notebook is successfully scheduled, a green indicator will appear in the schedule button.

Schedule run results

In case of any exception raised during the run (this is equivalent to having an error output in any cell), the run is considered as failed, otherwise it's successful. Please note that if an error is raised in a cell, following cells are not executed.
You will find a log of successful or failed runs in the History Tab. After every run, an automated snapshot is created as well.


If the "Re-publish" option is checked, the notebook will be published after it has successfully ran - and replace the currently published notebook in the project.
For re-publishing to take effect, a notebook in the project must be already published.

Current limitations

    Only one scheduled notebook per project is supported
    Notification emails are sent only to the user who scheduled the notebook
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