Getting started with Deepnote
Try out the most essential Deepnote features!

Create your first project

Just click on the + button to the right of Workspace on the left-hand sidebar menu. You might want to check our Deepnote crash course to learn more!
Sharing a project via link is easy! Just flip the toggle under the share & publish button in the upper right-hand corner of a project.

Invite a friend as a collaborator via email

In Deepnote, "collaborators" are your other users you add to your projects. We believe data science is fundamentally about team work and that's why easy real time collaboration has always been a first-class feature in Deepnote. You can learn how to add new users via email to a project in Sharing a project or more about collaboration in its dedicated section.

Create an account in our community

As you might have noticed, we're all about collaboration at Deepnote. That's why we have a very active online community where we host talks about everything data-science related: from machine-learning to visualization techniques. We also share our updates there and discuss what's next for Deepnote. If you have any question about Deepnote or data science, this is the place to ask. Just register here!​

Publish a notebook

Deepnote allows you to use your notebooks to automatically create beautiful articles or reports. All you have to do is to click publish!​

Follow @DeepnoteHQ on Twitter

Well this one's easy! Just follow us to get all the latest news and updates!

Connect a GitHub repository to a Deepnote project

Bring your existing code from git to Deepnote! Just connect a Github repository, and you have all your code right in your project!

Invite friends and colleagues to Deepnote (Work in Progress, not yet available)

Deepnote is more fun with friends and colleagues. After all, as we might have mentioned, we're all about helping you work together! Just use the link provided to get your friends started. Once they complete a few items from the onboarding checklist, you'll get extra free hours!
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