Importing data to Deepnote

Importing a repo to Deepnote

See the GitHub and GitLab integration guides.

Uploading files to Deepnote

There are several ways of uploading files to Deepnote

  • Upload files from your computer - If you have a smaller file (small dataset, image) you can click 'Add Files' -> 'Upload files' in the sidebar and upload local files from there. Note that the limit is 100MB for these files. If you have a larger file(s), the best way to upload them into your project is to create a dataset out of them. You can do this by clicking 'Data source' in the left sidebar and creating a new local files data source. There are no size limits if you use this option.

  • Upload files from URL - You can paste the link in the upload modal (opened by clicking 'Upload files' in the sidebar) or use terminal and the command wget. Files uploaded from URL are limited to 100MB.

  • Connections - If your data lives in a remote service or bucket, you can simply add a connection and get it into Deepnote. Currently, we support MongoDB, PostgreSQL and Amazon S3 Buckets

Uploading a notebook to Deepnote

You can also upload an existing .ipynb notebook to a project by using the 'Upload files' button in the sidebar.