Deepnote Shared Datasets

We have an extra data integration where you can upload larger files. Instead of uploading your data directly to our File Explorer, you can follow the best practices by splitting the code and data, by connecting to datasets and adding your data files via our Integrations. Your notebooks and other code and config files is located in File Explorer and your data is in Integrations sidebar.

You can upload your files into a Shared dataset by drag&dropping them into Shared dataset modal. Then you add a name for this Integration, and you're good to go. After creating a Shared dataset, click on "Connect" in the Integration sidebar and your files will be available in /datasets/{integration name} in your environment.

Note that Shared Datasets are just AWS S3 buckets that we create and manage for you. This might cause poor performance for large number of files (e.g. 50+ images for training neural networks).