You can link a private or public GitLab repository to Deepnote. After a repository is linked, open a terminal inside Deepnote, and cd into the repo's directory. Then you will be able to use all git commands (e.g. push or pull) from the terminal without any additional authentication.

Note that all your collaborators on the project will be able to push and pull to the repository using the same link.

  • Find the GitLab option in the Integrations sidebar tab

  • Ensure that there is no existing top-level folder with the same name as the repository you are cloning (so if you have a folder with name example-project and your repository has the same name, you will need to rename either the repository or the folder in Deepnote)

  • Paste the URL of your repository. The URL can't have any suffixes or extra parameters (also URLs in the form will not work, it needs to be the original URL without the extra tree/master suffixes)

  • Deepnote's GitLab integration will ask for permissions so we are able to clone the repository and push/pull to it on your behalf

  • The repository will be automatically cloned. This might take a couple of seconds (or minutes) if the repository is large. Once done, it will show up in your files as a new folder.

Integrations sidebar tab

Only one git repository can be linked at a time. If you need to unlink a repository, simply remove it from the Integrations sidebar. The folder of the repository will remain, but you will no longer be able to push and pull to it.

Clicking the 'X' will unlink a GitLab repository