Google BigQuery

This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to connect, read and write to your BigQuery data warehouse using Deepnote

General information

Step by step tutorial

  1. Follow this guide to create a service account and download its key

Make sure to enable BigQuery API for your GCP project.

The service account needs sufficient permissions for the resources you want to use. If the authorisation process fails, we recommend visiting BigQuery's access control page.

2. Go to a project where you wish to use your BigQuery integration, then go to left sidebar, click integrations and add a BiqQuery integration.

3. Paste the content of your service account key to the specified fields to create the integration.

Your service account key will be encrypted and stored in our database. The JSON file will be mounted to every project the integration is connected to, so the python library can easily access it.

3. After the integration is created, you can connect it to any of your projects. Simply add a SQL cell to query your BigQuery. Click the How to use button in order to connect to your BigQuery warehouse in the notebook.