Ambassador Program
We're a small team of engineers building a new interface for data science. Consider becoming a Deepnote Ambassador and be a part of our success 🙌!

Apply now to join the Deepnote Ambassadors Program!

We're looking for people who are passionate about our mission to be the leading data science platform. People who engage with our community, build interesting projects, and enjoy sharpening their data science skills, are a key part of Deepnote's success. To help us in our mission, we've launched the Deepnote Ambassadors Program.

Tell me more about the Ambassadors Program

Ambassadors act as a bridge between Deepnote and our community. Ambassadors are volunteers that are willing to help promote Deepnote in ways that align with their own interests in data science. In return for their help, ambassadors enjoy many perks and opportunities. An ambassador's activity can take many forms.

What does an Ambassador do?

There are so many things that an ambassador might choose to do, big and small! For example, you could:
    Publish Deepnote articles
    Post on our forum
    Publish blog posts featuring Deepnote
    Create a video that features Deepnote
    Upvote Deepnote on Hacker News, Reddit, etc
    Mention Deepnote on social media
    Collaborate on content with Deepnote staff
    Participate live coding sessions
    Encourage and engage other users in the forum
    Hold a meetup
    Speak about Deepnote at conferences
    Provide feedback to help us improve

What do I get in return for being an Ambassador?

While ambassadorship is voluntary there are definitely great rewards, perks, and opportunities to enjoy! For example, you'd get
    Swag (eventually Ambassador-specific swag)
    Access to pro machines (case-by-case basis)
    A featured profile on our ambassador site (coming soon)
    Exclusive team meetings (AMAs)
    Highlighted in our social media posts
    Highlighted in our product update emails
    Upvoted on our social media and in our community forum
    Added to private ambassadors channels in Circle
    Receive feedback on their published articles
    Early access to beta features
    An opportunity to gain more experience in data science
    Special badges in Circle so others know you're an ambassador
    A role in helping Deepnote make real business decisions
    Sponsorship for local meetups
    Help with conference fees where you're mentioning Deepnote
    A chance to gain more data science experience and level up your technical speaking & writing skills (great for your resume/CV)

What kind of commitment is involved for an Ambassador?

The program is structured to provide a lot of flexibility, so each ambassador can participate in ways that are personally motivating and enjoyable. There are a few guidelines though. For example:
    We ask ambassadors to contribute at four content pieces per year. This could include a written article of some kind or even things like a live coding session, workshop, or presentation. There's no upper limit to how much you can do!​
    For your first contribution, we ask for written content (Deepnote notebook, blog post, tutorial, etc). This way, we can collaborate with you to help get all the writing and technical details communicated in the best possible way. After that, it’s up to you!
    We also ask that Ambassadors periodically engage in our community (give "likes", replies, posts, etc)
We keep track of ambassador activities and periodically (and kindly) prune highly inactive members to keep the program as healthy as possible.

How do I apply to be a Deepnote Ambassador?

If you’re interested in becoming an ambassador, email [email protected] with the subject line “I want to be an ambassador!”
Please let us know:
    A little about yourself and your professional background
    Any community work you’ve done before
    What kind of ambassador activities you’d be most interested in participating in
After that, we'll take it from there!
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