If you need additional help, there are several ways to get it.

1. Try to Google it

Googling is second nature to seasoned data scientists, perhaps not so much for beginners. Try searching the error message you're getting, or what you want to achieve. The internet (and especially StackOverflow) already contain many of the answers.

2. Community

You can visit our community either on, or embedded in our platform (look for a question mark in the bottom left corner in an open project).
By asking your question in a public forum you're helping us build a sustainable knowledge base - so the next person can find the answer just by Googling the problem. The Deepnote team is active in the community too.

3. Reach out to us

When you need assistance directly from our team, we're here for you.
Support chat. Look for a question mark in the bottom left corner in an open project. We do our best to reply promptly, but we're also looking for a good tradeoff with productivity and sleep - so sometimes it might take us a few hours.
Email. You can also reach us at [email protected]​
Customers on Enterprise plans can also reach out to their dedicated points of contact.
Last modified 8mo ago