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Welcome to official Deepnote documentation. Deepnote is a collaborative notebook running in your browser πŸ‘‹
Deepnote allows you to easily work on your data science projects, together in real-time and in one place with your friends and colleagues; helping you turn your ideas and analyses into products faster.
Deepnote is built for the browser so you can use it across any platform (Windows, Mac, Linux or Chromebook). No downloads required, with updates shipped to you daily. All changes are instantly saved.
In the background, Deepnote is running on powerful machines in the cloud. You don't need to worry about setting anything up, just about the work itself. If you'd, however, prefer to tinker with the machines' settings, please take a look at the hardware options section.
This documentation is still under construction, if you are missing a section, please let us know in Deepnote Community or sending us an email directly at [email protected]


A project in Deepnote contains code, data and it all runs in one environment. You can share it with other collaborators, who can use it simultaneously with you, just like in Google Docs. A project can contain multiple notebooks, but they share resources.
To create a project, you can upload your own files, import a project from Github or Gitlab, or just create an empty project. We also have a few sample projects ready!
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