Python requirements

Installing packages through pip

If you install (or uninstall) a package thorough the !pip command in a notebook, a suggestion will show up to move that package to requirements.txt.


If your project contains a requirements.txt file in the root of the filesystem, Deepnote automatically installs those requirements when the hardware starts, using the init.ipynb notebook. If you manually edit the requirements.txt, you will need to run pip install -r requirements.txt, either in a notebook or in a terminal.

Unsupported packages

Some packages are not fully supported yet. Here is a list of known ones, where you can vote and request support for others.

Installing packages through a proxy

If you have packages pulled from a custom registry which needs to have an IP whitelisted, Deepnote can route your pip download through a proxy. Simply add the proxy argument with our IP to the pip install.

pip install -r requirements.txt --extra-index-url= --proxy