Command palette

You can open and close the command palette by pressing cmd + P on a Mac or ctrl + P on Windows.

It provides quick access to all your files and most popular actions (e.g. run all, deleting a cell).

The full list of commands:

  • Search files - You can search for files by pressing space and typing the name of the file

  • Create new file

  • Create new notebook

  • Create new folder

  • Restart hardware

  • Add code cell

  • Add markdown cell

  • Upload files

  • Open terminal

  • Add a dataset or connection

  • Run cell (execute)

  • Stop execution (interrupt)

  • Clear cell output

  • Clear all outputs

  • Convert cell to text

  • Convert cell to code

  • Delete cell

  • Move cell up

  • Move cell down

  • Duplicate cell

  • Insert new code cell

  • Insert new markdown cell

  • Manage and add collaborators

  • Run all cells

  • Run from this cell

  • Run above this cell

  • Add new comment

  • Open keyboard shortcuts cheat sheet