Easily connect data sources to your team's projects
Deepnote natively integrates with a variety of databases, data warehouses, and other services. Once you connect to an integration, your whole team can make use of it (click here to read more about permissions that affect integrations).
Note that all credentials to your data sources are encrypted and securely stored in our database.
Deepnote's list of native integrations is always growing. To see a full list of Deepnote integrations, click here.
Deepnote integrations
As shown below, a single integration can be connected to multiple projects. Integrations can also be disconnected at anytime. If you delete an integration that is connected to multiple projects, it will be removed from all of them.
Editing integrations in Deepnote
Some integrations might require you to restart your machine after being connected (a warning will be shown). Be aware that it will stop all running processes in your project.

Collaboration and integrations

  • If you create an integration in your personal workspace, it can be only used in your other personal projects (projects which you own). That means other collaborators cannot connect any of their own integrations to your personal project, nor can you connect an integration to their projects.
  • If you create an integration in a team workspace, it will be shared among all team members and can be connected to any of the projects owned by the team. You will not see these integrations in your personal projects or in other team projects.

List of supported integrations