Making it easy to access your data is an essential part of Deepnote. We offer a growing library of native integrations that simplify the process of connecting your data sources with your projects.
Preview of integrations which can be found in the left sidebar
All credentials to your data sources are encrypted and securely stored in our database.
One integration can be connected to multiple projects and can be disconnected anytime. If you delete an integration connected to multiple projects, it will be removed from all of them.
Some integrations might require a hardware restart after being connected (a warning will be shown). Be aware that it will stop all running processes in your project.

Sharing integrations

    If you create an integration in your personal project, it can be only used in your other personal projects (projects which you own). E.g. other collaborator cannot connect any of his own integrations to your personal project, nor can you connect an integration to their projects.
    If you create an integration in a team project, it will be shared among all team members and can be connected to any of the projects owned by the team. You will not see these integrations in your personal projects.

Database browser

You can also browse the database structure of supported integrations. Right now PostgreSQL and Google BigQuery are supported. On the the integrations card simply click a View button to explore the schema.
Its shows you a list of database schemas with their tables and also a list of columns with types.

List of supported integrations

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