FAQs about plans and pricing

Please note that Deepnote as a product is still in beta (including the pricing).

The plans can be found on Deepnote's landing page. We appreciate any questions or feedback. Please share them by emailing us at

Questions & Answers

What is a "machine"?

Machine is a cloud resource that runs your project within our cloud environment. More specifically, we assign you a part of a large computational node that runs a so-called container, which contains the iPython kernel as well as some Deepnote related code. We took great care to secure the containers so your data is safe even when using shared resources.

Standard machines are a cloud resource available to every Deepnote user.

Pro machines are roughly 4 times more powerful in terms of CPU and in terms of memory compared to Standard machines. They are a part of the paid team plan.

All machines (regardless of whether they are Standard or Pro) have 5GB of disk space available.

Do you have machines with GPUs?

Not right now. We are working on adding them as soon as possible.

Do you have dedicated machines?

We do, but it is not a part of public offering yet. Please contact us if you are interested in having projects running on a dedicated machine (with or without custom specs).

What is the difference between an Individual and a Team plan?

The Individual plan is aimed at beginners, hobbyists, and data science side projects.

It comes with a monthly limit of 750 Standard machine hours, which is equivalent to running 1 machine non-stop for the whole month.

You can create projects in your personal space and share them with up to 3 other editors (and unlimited viewers). You can also make the project public and share it via a link, in which case you can have as many collaborators (including editors) as needed.

You can create and add integrations to your projects, but you can't share them with anyone else.

The Team plan is paid and is aimed for teams and start-ups to collaborate on notebooks and experiments. Teams have 2 machines - both Standard and Pro. Teams pay only for the editor and admin members, viewers are free.

Every editor or admin team member adds 750 hours to each machine option (so 2 admin members in a team will have access to 1500 hours of Pro machine and 1500 hours of the Standard machine).

All team projects can have an unlimited number of collaborators (including collaborators outside of the team).

Team integrations can be shared within the team projects. This means that everyone can access e.g. the same Postgres database.

How much does a team cost?

A team costs $49 per editor or admin. Viewers are free. For every editor or admin, the team gets 750 hours of the Pro and Standard machine running time. These hours are shared across all team members who are able to execute the team machines.

There is not an option to pay annually, only monthly.

Example: Your team has 4 members, so the total price you will be billed is $196/mo. The team has 3000 hours of the Pro machine available and 3000 hours of the Standard machine available. These resources can be shared by all team members who have the required access level.

Why a 750-hour limit?

750 hours loosely correspond to an unlimited running of a single project every month (31 days * 24 hours = 744 hours). You can run as many projects as you want in Deepnote at the same time, so it's possible to run out of the limit.

The remaining hours are not transferred to the next month. The limit resets monthly. The exact usage can be seen on your settings page.

What happens if I run out of the 750 hours limit?

You will no longer be able to execute cells. You will still have access to all of your projects and files, you can view or download them.

You will need to extend the limit on the settings page or wait for hours to reset. Reach out to us at if you need a hand with extending the hours.

What if I run out of a disk quota in my project?

Every project has a 5GB disk quota. If you run out, no further changes will be allowed in the project unless you free up some space.

If you have a large dataset, we recommend accessing it through one of our Integrations.

Do you have usage-based billing?

Not right now. We are working on usage-based billing so you will be able to pay only for the resources you really use.

Can I run multiple projects in parallel?

Yes, you can run an unlimited number of projects in parallel. However, this will use up your available monthly machine hours more quickly.

You can also run multiple notebooks in parallel in a single project. The notebooks will divide resources from the same machine, so they will be not as fast as when a single notebook is running. Running multiple notebooks in the same project does not use extra hours from the limit.

Do you offer student or academic discounts?

Yes! Deepnote has a team plan which is free for educational purposes for an unlimited number of team members. This option includes advanced collaboration features like shared integrations but is limited to Standard machines.

To set up this plan:

  1. Create a free Deepnote acount

  2. To verify you're a student or a teacher, please send an email to from your academic email address. If your Deepnote account is not registered under the academic email, please mention the email of the account where we should enable the academic team plan.

How can I create a team?

A team can be created by clicking "New team" in the left sidebar on your dashboard. You need to sign in to see it.

When is the monthly payment for my team processed?

At the end of the billing period shown in your team's settings.

What happens if I add or remove a team member?

If you are adding or removing a team member who has only permissions to view team projects, then there are no billing changes.

If you are adding an editor or admin, you will be charged the prorated monthly cost of the member at the end of the billing period.

Example: You have a 2 member team paying $98/mo. Halfway through the billing period, you add a third member. This means your next invoice will be $171.5 (3 members for $147 plus the prorated price of $24.5 of the new member from the previous month).

If you remove an editor or admin, you will be deducted the prorated cost of the member from the next month's invoice.

Example: You have a 2 member team paying $98/mo. Halfway through the billing period, you remove one of the members. This means your next invoice will be $24.5 (1 member for $49 minus the prorated price of $24.5 of the removed member).

How can I cancel my team plan?

You can cancel your team plan in the team settings. Canceling a team plan will also delete the team. This can't be undone.

We will refund the remaining monthly bill to your card.

What happens if I delete my team?

You will need to cancel your subscription, which also deletes the team.

How is my payment processed?

We use Stripe for all payments. We do not handle your credit card information directly.

My credit card expires soon, how do I update it?

We're working on a solution for that, and we should deliver it before your card expires.

Do you offer refunds?

We don't offer refunds for previous months. If you cancel a subscription for a team, the prorated amount for the current month will be refunded to your card. This may take up to 3 days.

If you have questions or issues with the refunds, please reach out to

Can I be in multiple teams in Deepnote?

Absolutely! All teams have a separate machine limit (plus you have your personal machine limit) so you can use resources from all the team you have access to.